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Our practices have always been committed to the best NHS service as permitted under the current circumstances.

From April 2006, the health service has underwent major changes. In an attempt by the government to drive NHS dentists to the private sector, they are budgeting for a lot less for dentistry.

As a result, the costs to patients have risen very sharply. There are 4 charge bands and from April 2019 they are:

  • Band 1 – check up with/ without scaling will cost £22.70
  • Band 2 – A check up plus a filling or fillings will cost £62.10
  • Band 3 – A check up with dentures or crown will cost £269.30
  • Band 4 – any urgent treatment for toothaches such as temporary fillings will cost £62.10.


In addition, sedation, orthodontics, surgical dentistry and home visits is mostly not available since April. In short NHS dentistry is terminally ill in the North East and has already died in many parts of the country. The Government will be placing their hallmark spin on the issue and blame dentists and patients for going private when they very well know that this is what they would like. So in short since April 1st:

* You will NO LONGER be registered with your own dentist.

* You will PAY MORE for simple fillings and dentures.

* You will SUBSIDISE people who do not look after their mouths.

* EMERGENCY COVER IS NOT INCLUDED - who will you go to if you have a problem outside surgery hours?

As a result we expect many people opt to pay independently as charges are similar and in many cases lower. We expect our popular Practice Plan membership to become even more popular. Membership covers all routine treatment without the restrictions of the health service, as well as insurance worldwide for accidents and emergencies. We would like to urge patients not on this scheme to consider our Practice Plan.

NHS and Private Dentistry explained:
There are several reasons why patients choose to pay privately for dental treatment:

1 Treatment simply not available on the NHS
Cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening, implants, tooth coloured fillings, crowns on back teeth and bridges in certain locations are unavailable on the NHS.

2 Quality
The quality of surgery and laboratory materials used in NHS work are all of an internationally recognised high standard, however, many of the latest porcelains and white filling materials are too expensive to use. We constantly strive to keep abreast of the latest techniques and products and will always try to give a balanced presentation between NHS and private options.

3 Laboratory charges
Patients with complex tooth shading, difficult occlusions or the desire for optimum individual aesthetics often require one or more visits to the laboratory for consultations with the technician, which can prove costly.

4 NHS decline treatment
The NHS has a broad remit to provide treatment to achieve dental fitness. We all appreciate that there will never be sufficient funds to satisfy everyone's needs and numerous priorities exist. In the small number of cases where the NHS refused to approve treatment it is often possible to do the treatment under private arrangements.

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